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UK Businesses Under Stress: Begbies Red Flag Report Reveals Alarming Findings

Begbies Traynor’s latest Red Flag Alert report highlights the speed at which serious financial distress is accelerating in the UK following two successive quarters of 25% growth. Rapid growth in all sectors of the economy means 47,477 companies will enter the new year in a precarious financial position. Historically, a significant proportion of companies in critical financial condition identified by Red Flag Alerts end up going bankrupt within the next year. Across all sectors monitored by Red Flag Alert, the level of major financial distress in Q4 2023 has increased compared to the previous quarter, with the current economic environment impacting all sectors of the UK economy. It is clear that it is having a negative impact.

The main sectors driving this increase continue to be the construction, real estate, real estate and support services sectors, with increases of 32.6%, 24.7% and 23.6% respectively, and health and education (up 41.3%). There is. This worrying situation for UK businesses is also reflected in the increase in the number of businesses in severe financial distress, which rose by almost 13% in Q4 2023 compared to the previous quarter. As of December 31, 2023, well over 500,000 businesses (539,900) have been affected. The sectors driving this increase were construction (up 15.3%), health and education (up 19.2%), real estate and real estate services (up 21.3%), and support services (up 9.1%).

Julie Palmer, partner at Begbies Traynor, said: “After a difficult year for UK businesses, characterized by high interest rates, rampant inflation, weak consumer confidence and rising and unpredictable input costs, we are now seeing this perfect storm hitting everywhere.” economy. “Now that the days of cheap money are finally behind us, the hundreds of thousands of UK businesses that accumulated affordable debt in halcyon days must now grapple with the additional burden this places on businesses.” “While a better-than-expected Christmas may mean that these concerns will persist for a little longer for some, the rapid rise in serious financial crises is a sign that economies are waking up to the dangers of insolvent companies.

This suggests that “As we saw last quarter, the pressure on businesses goes far beyond consumer-facing companies. Key sectors such as construction and real estate are currently at severe risk, with more than 15,000 businesses There is a high risk of bankruptcy.” “Unfortunately, for tens of thousands of British businesses who should be looking to 2024 with some degree of optimism, the new year brings with it a fight for survival. is. “.”

Major emergencies by region

London (14,221)

Southeast (7,884)

Mittelland (5,696)

Northwest (4,951)

Yorkshire (3,303)

Southwest (3,271)

East of England (2,960)

Scotland (2,245)

Wales (1,360)

Tohoku (836)

Northern Ireland (747)




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